Shandong Sound Metals and Machinery Inc!

30 Years of Experience

At Shandong Sound Metals and Machinery, we have 30 years of manufacturing and export experience. You can come to us for sand castings, precision castings, investment castings, die pressure castings, gravity castings, MIM parts,forging parts, stamping parts, deep drawing parts and fine machined parts. Our annual export volume is worth $15 million. We export to North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

10 ISO 9001:2000-certified Partner Suppliers
Our 10 ISO 9001:2000-certified partner suppliers use CNC machines to finish your samples in just 30 days. Our monthly capacity is 1,000 tons. And we can have 17 tons ready to be delivered to you in just 30 days.

To ensure consistent performance, we inspect products in our lab with testing machines from Germany.All raw materials are tested with spectrum analyzers from Germany. Our QC team does a final inspection in our 20,000-square meter warehouse before goods are shipped.

OEM/ODM Since 1979
Our engineers design your custom samples with AutoCAD, Pro-E and SolidWorks foraccurate results. With decades of OEM and ODM experience, we meet your toughest demands by a range of process such as lost-wax, die casting, sand casting and forging,etc.

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Our 20 trade specialists speak English, Spanish, French, Italian or Japanese.Contact us today.

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