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MIM Advantage

Comparison between MIM and traditional powder metallurgy (PM)

The use of MIM powder particles in the range of 2 - 15 m, while the traditional powder metallurgy powder particle size mostly in the 50 - 100 m. MIM process of high density, the reason is the use of fine powder. The high degree of freedom of shape is not achieved by traditional powder metallurgy.

Comparison between MIM and precision casting

In metal forming process, die casting and precision casting is forming 3D complex shape of the parts, but die casting is only limited to the low melting point metal and precision casting (IC) limited to alloy steel, stainless steel, high temperature alloys with high melting point metal and nonferrous metal, for difficult to molten alloy such as hard alloy, high density alloy and cermet was powerless to stop it, this is the essential limitations of IC, and IC for very small, very thin, high-volume production of components is very difficult or not feasible.

Comparison between MIM and traditional mechanical processing

For the manufacture of small, high difficult shape precision parts, MIM process is relatively low cost and high efficiency, and has strong competitiveness.

What kind of metal forming process, the complexity of the parts and the production yield are the two main factors. MIM technology in the production of large and complex degree of high degree of dominance. For the part designer, we should focus on the design of the complex production of three-dimensional shape parts, in order to give full play to the characteristics of the MIM process, to achieve the effect of reducing production costs and improve the performance of the product.

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