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MIM feature

MIM technique adopts micron powder, which not only speeds up sintering and shrinking, improves material mechanical property, prolongs material service life, but also improves wear resistance, stress corrosion resistance and magnetism. MIM is suitable for the materials like Fe alloy, Fe-Ni alloy, stainless steel, W alloy, Ti alloy, Si-Fe alloy, hard alloy, permanent magnetic alloy, alumina, silicon nitride and zirconia.

MIM technique can substantially cut down the cost of the complicatedly-shaped, segregated, polluted components, or the ones whose materials are so hard or crispy that they are difficult to be cut. Take the guide bar of typewriter for example: it usually takes 14 procedures to process the component, but it needs only 6 procedures when MIM technique is employed, so it can save half of the cost. The potential cost will be reduced more as the rate of material cost and production cost increases. Therefore, the smaller and more complicated the component is, the more the economic benefit will be. According to the above analysis, MIM is believed to have great market potential.

                                                                  MIM features
Min.Max.MOQ: 10000pcs
High strength, high density, none porosity
Critical tolerance: ±0.5%
Wall thickness1-6mm0.3mm
Draft angle

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