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MIM Parts

We provide quality services to customers from the industrial sector. From high-strength micro-architectural components to fiber optic connectors, industrial components that require high performance, high reliability, and maintain a competitive cost. 

The wide range of applications for industrial products demands a supplier who is capable of meeting both small and large batch-manufacturing requirement, our first and cost effective tooling capability coupled with our large installed manufacturing capacity affords the ability to manage the largest production requirements.


1Electronics and Telecom Industryhard disc drive partselectronic packagingprinting headheat sink materialcable connectormobile phone hingelaptop hingemobile phone crustwatchcasewatch chain

2AutomotiveIndustry: ignition control moduleairbag sensor modulebrake componentturbomagnet sensorseatpressure control & flowmeter component of fuel injection systempothook of driving systemengine rockeroxygen sensor of engine management systemcruise sensorseat

3Mechanical& hardware Industry: micro motor partscutting tool micro gear wheel special three-dimensional partsdrillstockarc toothblade clampcoupling devicemultifunctional tool

4MedicalIndustryorthodonticbracketsradiationprotection shieldsurgicalscalpelimplanteddevices

5Othersgolf head coverfishing gear partslock partsmore applications

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